Escapism versus a chore

While in Afghanistan, I really got back into running.  This despite having to wear the less than fashionable (or comfortable) Air Force PT gear.  For that hour plus, I was out of the office and could not worry about work.  I was at Bagram and there was a wonderful stretch of road called East Perimeter that had a lot less traffic and long, flat straights.  If you went around the base, it was just about 9 miles.  I did that a few time but usually just a 5 or 6 mile out and back.  There were giant vehicles to avoid and dust to inhale but in all it was  a great run.

Now I’m back in South Florida and work is not nearly as stressful.  Working normal 8 hour days instead of the 14-15 hours of Afghanistan.  So there’s no real need to “escape” like I did before.  Also, the temperature and humidity of the impending summer in South Florida also is making it more difficult.

Before I left, I would somehow drag myself out of bed before work and run in the morning while it was cool but humid.  Since I’ve returned I’ve been trying to run after work so that I can sleep in a bit.  It’s working but it’s hot and only slightly less humid.  I was usually half awake when I was running in the morning and could nearly trick myself into getting dressed and out the door.  Now I know it’s coming and try to talk myself out of it.

Where did the desire go?  I kept up the routine pretty well before Afghanistan and definitely was doing a great workout routine while there.  What do I do?  How do I convince myself to get back at it?  I don’t expect answers…at least, they need to come from myself not anyone who reads this.  I suppose I should just do it and keep at it until it becomes a habit.  Wouldn’t that make the most sense?

I guess we’ll see.  There’s a half marathon coming up later this year in Ft. Lauderdale.  Maybe I’ll sign up so I *have* to run or waste the money.  😀


2 thoughts on “Escapism versus a chore

  1. Which half is later this year? I’ll do it, then we’ll have each other to keep accountable!
    Honestly, staying in touch with Daily Mile keeps me running when I’d rather stay in.
    Love the blog. Keep it active, dude!
    You know, my blog also keeps me excited to run. I like giving myself missions, then running with my camera phone. My blog becomes like a scrapbook of my runs.

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