That thing inside of us

Recently, I watched a History Channel show called “The Men Who Built America” and a repeated theme seemed to be the drive that these gentlemen (Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Ford and J.P. Morgan) was what made them a success.

Now I’m not interested in analyzing their personalities or the financial and political situations that may have helped them end up as they did. I’m more curious as to that drive that the various folks from modern times talked about. It seems they had a drive to win more than just collect money and things. (Obviously money and things come with winning…usually.)

So where does that drive come from? Do we all have it? Is it stronger in some than others? I think the answer to the last question is a somewhat obvious Yes in that some folks go well beyond others in pursuit of a passion or a desire.

The point I’m taking a scenic tour to reach is that I wonder if that drive can be cultivated. Can you learn it later in life or do you have to be born/raised with it?

I really could use some Drive these days. While I had a great motto that I was going to try and live up to for 2015 (Do. The. Work.) I’m not sure it’s that simple. That DTW motto came from the (ongoing) realization that I’m a terrible procrastinator. I will often put off quick and easy tasks just because I can. (Maybe there’s some subconcious sense of lack of control I’m fighting.) Why that delay feels like an accomplishment is just silly…from a logical standpoint.

So I think I’m going to add a little bit to it:  Do The Work and THEN Play.

While I am improving my attention towards work that needs to be done, I’m finding myself bargaining with…myself in that when I first get up, I do something besides work while I’m eating breakfast. When breakfast ends, I’ll get to work right after I finish what I was doing. Which never happens.

I don’t think that knowing there is work to do is making me enjoy the play portion of my day any less. However, it might be more satisfying to have my To Do list done before starting.

So a reboot of my non New Years Resolution.

Let’s see how long I manage to make it work. (BTW, I haven’t yet and I thought about this last week.)


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