Why Isn’t There A Magic 8 Ball for Careers?

I am unfocused because I want to look at everything.

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly true.

I do know that in my job/career field of “Information Technology” there are so many directions to go and so many things that can be learned. There are numerous topics and jobs where you can really dive deep into the geek and specialize to a nearly insane level.

Do I want to focus on security? How about datacenters and virtualization? Process Improvement? <fill in the blank> architect? Database admin? CTO?

Yes, please. They all are appealing on various levels and wish I could do them all. (Well, I don’t know about CTO. It doesn’t seem like you’d do much more than have meetings and plan budgets. “No touching!”)

And while the usual advice of “take any job” and keep moving towards what you want seems logical, it can’t possibly be satisfying. I’m definitely not saying that finding that job you want to do for the rest of your life is going to be easy or that it will fall into your lap.

My question is what direction do I set off in on this life/career journey?

I’ve been leaning towards a Release Management type of job that sits in a funny spot between project management and operations. Basically, you oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases. (I might have borrowed that definition from a website.)

While I haven’t done this work officially in the past (i.e. never a job title or part of my job description), I enjoyed several roles in my past where I was the “facilitator” of things ensuring resources were available and schedules were being met.

So maybe I have a focus after all.


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