Sense of Self as seen from the outside

Why are we our own worst critics?

Maybe that doesn’t happen to you. However, I always am the first to point out my faults and not always in that jokey self-deprecating way that some people do.

There’s nothing like job review time in conjunction with doing a little job browsing. I’m keenly aware of previous faults and failures while mentally trying to 180 my mindset to show how awesome I am and would be for [INSERT COMPANY] here.

I think maybe all folks are like this. Even if it’s not true, it consoles me to think this way.

I know that in today’s online world, it’s more than easy to put forward the appearance of a life that is more….well, just more. And I wish I was kinda good at that too.

Is it all about finding that One Thing and letting the rest of your life orbit around it? Or is just “faking it until you’re making it”  with the social media smoke and mirrors?

I know I want more.  I just wish I knew that I qualified for it instead of being unsure.


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